We are recruiting talented engineers and developers to work on the world's first massively parallel deterministic global optimization (DGO) solver, powered by AI. DGO technology is able to guarantee global optimality for almost any non-linear mathematical structure, but has always been too slow to solve real-world problems. At Octeract, we are changing this; you will develop unique technology which will solve optimization problems previously considered impossible to solve.

These are the open positions in the company. You can apply either through StackOverflow (by clicking the job listing), or by emailing us directly at info@octeract.co.uk.

Parallel C++ developer

Typical tasks

- Implementation of numerical optimization methods
- Adaptation of optimization methods to a massively parallel environment
- Building interfaces between optimization solvers and optimization frontends
- Designing scalable algorithms to run on thousands of processors
- Writing robust, maintainable code, and unit tests
- Cross platform software development (Linux, Mac, and Windows)


- Good knowledge of C++ and the Linux ecosystem
- Good knowledge of parallel computing (e.g., MPI, OpenMP, CUDA, or Multithreading) 
- Experience in writing scalable software
- Ability to relocate/commute to London
- Eligibility to work in the UK


- Python and Boost.Python
- Experience in GPU programming


- A solid mathematical background and knowledge of optimization methods (e.g., LP, MILP, QP, NLP, MINLP) 
- Good knowledge of Ada or Rust
- Experience working with Spark
- A love for drawing things on a whiteboard